AL RAMA FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LLC is a group company of BGR INTERNATIONAL & BHR GENERAL TRADING COMPANY LLC (BR) that our Group is established in the market since 2009. AL RAMA FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LLC manufactures and markets food products across the globe, including condiments and sauces, and other grocery products in a portfolio. We are committed to growing our iconic and emerging food brands on a global scale. We offer wide range of our products in both local and international markets. Our varied product range covers the basic day to day necessities.


Our wide networking and experience enable us to provide standard services to our customers. We serve our customers with complete dedication and commitment and prove to be their best auitable guide for importing from around the world. Our services are widely praised by our clients, which motivates us to serve them more efficiently. We also use their responses to enhance the quality of out products and services.

We work as a reliable manufacturer of condiments and sauces with the brand name "INDO GARDEN", "UNIVERSAL GARDEN" & Private Label.


Our Group believes in quality products so constant measures are taken to strictly achieve finest quality of products. Quality assurance system has been put in place to verify the quality of each product in our factory as well as other factories from where we procure the raw material. This is done to dish out the finest products to our clients. Our procurement is only from finest sources and suppliers which enable us to maintain the highest level of quality. Quality is never compromised from our side and that has earned us standing as brand in all there years of operations. Our Group always keeps the strict attention towards quality when it comes to food products. Our procurement only from the finest sources and vendors have offered us an opportunity to maintain the highest level of quality.


Our Group executes its business by keeping integrity in all aspects and facets of a normal business. It envisions taking the business a step ahead by delivering top quality products to its vast array of clients. Serving the clients till their satisfaction level is the top priority upon which harmilapi is based. Having the faith of its clients and retaining them for eternal is the utmost goal at the company. The company would be highly delighted to work with existing clients and strive to add some others on the basis of its products. Establishing a sumbolic relationship with any values institutional provides motivation for us to work even better.


Customers are very impressed with our hard work and Sincerity. Over the years we have been fortunate to win their trust and confidence and they are happy to be associated with us. Our Relationship with our customers is based on mutual trust and respect. Our company is always striving to provide the best service to its customers. We are proud to have customers in more than 60 countries.